Answering Your Questions: Do Clear Braces Take Longer?

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Choosing the Right Treatment: Braces 

Are crooked teeth keeping you from a big, bright smile? If you’ve been keeping your mouth closed for photos or been embarrassed while talking, don’t worry. New orthodontic technology means that tweaking your smile is easier – and more comfortable – than ever before. Braces are a familiar treatment for both children and adults, and offices like ours are able to offer more personalized options for everyone stepping through our doors.

Have you heard of ceramic braces? Also called clear braces, this treatment technology is more discrete than traditional metal braces (just like Invisalign). Is this the right option for you or your little one? Let’s look at some common questions about ceramic braces and explore the possibilities!


Do Clear Braces Take Longer?

Ceramic braces are a great tool for correcting smiles of all shapes and sizes. But whether you’re an adult or a teenager, you’re probably worried about how long you will be wearing them. A common question we are asked when evaluating your smile is this: do clear braces take longer? The news is good! Ceramic braces take the same amount of time as metal braces, but they are virtually invisible while they work! Whether you choose metal or ceramic braces, your orthodontic treatment timeline will be around one and a half years to three years.

Smiling with Ceramics, not metal

Ceramic braces are remarkably similar to traditional metal braces but offer a wonderful alternative for our La Jolla patients. Metal braces stand out when you smile, but they also tend to irritate the gums and cheeks while they work. While ceramic braces are the same size and set-up as traditional braces, they are both discrete and less abrasive.

Ceramic braces use clear brackets or brackets that match your tooth color, meaning they are far less noticeable! In addition, patients usually get accustomed to the feeling of ceramic braces in just a few weeks!

Avoiding Stains While Straightening 

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Much like Invisalign clear aligners, the low-profile look of ceramic braces makes the materials susceptible to staining. However, there are easy tips that can keep tea and coffee from ruining the attractive look of ceramic braces. When you want to enjoy a drink that might lead to stains, you can either use a straw or make sure you’re able to brush directly after. When deciding on clear braces, ask your orthodontist what foods and drinks might risk staining your lovely new smile!

Looking at Braces? 

Our office would love to see you smile! At Hagan Ortho + Kids Dental, we offer a variety of orthodontic treatments for the whole family. Visit us soon so we can help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. Are you ready to explore your treatment options in La Jolla?