Seeing the Difference: What Does a Pediatric Dentist Do?

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From Cleanings to Crowns

From little bitty babies to teens, pediatric dentistry is an important component of growing up healthy and strong. Having a great dentist for your little ones makes all the difference when it comes to dental hygiene, daily care, and an easy, bright smile. We know that every parent wants the best for their child, and the best is Hagan Ortho + Kids Dental. But why is kids dentistry so special? Why does kids dentistry make so much of a difference? Your little one’s journey to a happy smile is a long one, and it all begins at the dentist.

What Does a Pediatric Dentist Do?

Even walking into a pediatric dentistry office is different from going to a regular dentist’s office. From the waiting room to the patient’s chair, there’s something magical about a kid’s dentist that makes the experience fun instead of scary. But what does a pediatric dentist do that is different from our regular dentist? It’s simple. They don’t just clean tiny teeth and treat problematic cavities. A pediatric dentist is a dental specialist that provides compassionate, comprehensive care for children and teens as they transition from their infant teeth to their adult teeth. In addition, pediatric dentists focus on healthy habits and preventative care for long-lasting oral hygiene. From as young as six months old, kids dentistry prepares your child for lifelong healthy habits.

Special Training for aMazing Care 

Working with kids is a big responsibility, whether you’re a doctor, teacher, or even a camp counselor. Dentistry is no different. Treating little smiles is a specialty of dentistry that requires years of education beyond standard schooling. The two-year program for pediatric dentists includes training and courses to prepare for children-specific treatments, trauma, and even psychology. These programs follow ADA guidelines to guarantee that dentists across America have rigorous, professional training to prepare for the challenges of treating children.

Turning Little Smiles INto Big Ones 

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Once they appear, tiny teeth are always changing. As our little ones grow, they have complex needs for everything – including their oral hygiene. Every child’s dentition takes a different path. Keeping an eye on alignment, caries, and brushing habits is the number one tool for proper development as a child grows up. Preventative care is the most effective way to fight tooth decay and strengthen little chompers! Your child’s dentist will offer the best in dental treatments, like topical fluoride and sealants – and make sure everything is looking good. That’s why it’s so important to schedule at least two visits every year!

An Easy, Early Start 

The best way to encourage bright, happy smiles for a whole lifetime is to start early. Teaching healthy habits is one of the most important jobs for a pediatric dentist, and the first visit to a dentist will set the stage for a great relationship with tooth care. That’s why pediatric dentists offer a friendly, nurturing environment for every parent and child. When your young one discovers that the dentist isn’t a scary place, it’s easy to bring them back for regular check-ups, treatments, and cleanings. A happy start with the dentist will build into better toothbrushing, active concern for oral hygiene, and less time in the patient chair!

See Your Child Smile 

Is your baby’s first tooth peeking out of the gums yet? Then it’s time to come visit in for a visit! It’s never too early to start building bright and beautiful smiles for the future. Discover comprehensive care for every child with Hagan Ortho + Kids Dental, serving all the big and little smiles of La Jolla!