Your First Visit: Taking Care of Tiny Teeth

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One of the hardest things about being a dentist is that both our big and little patients often seem to be worried (or even scared) about visiting us. Of course, it’s understandable. We remember going to the dentist when we were younger, too! Between the scary equipment, the strange people, and the looming possibility of dental work – it’s no surprise. That’s why at Hagan Ortho + Kids Dental,we always offer a warm smile and welcoming environment to put our patients at ease! As a parent, concerns about your little one’s first dentist visit might be popping up, and we want to make sure you feel prepared.

What Do I Do If My Child is Afraid of the Dentist?

It’s not easy. Making sure that your child isn’t afraid of the dentist is one of the most important steps to developing healthy dental habits for your child’s whole life. To get off to the right start with your pediatric dentist, try to make the day of your dentist visit as easy as any other day! Remember to be positive about the visit, and turn the day into something fun! At Hagan Ortho + Kids Dental, we know all about making sure that kids have something to smile about at the dentist, so take a look at our first trip tips for every La Jolla visit.

LEarning to Love New Things

Understanding something is often the best way to lose our fear of it. The same is true for the dentist! The best step to start your journey to the dentist in the right direction is to show your child what’s going to happen and why it’s important to go. Knowing what to expect during the visit is the best way to make sure that your young one isn’t anxious about the big day.

What’s the best way to teach your child? Turn it into a game! There are plenty of books, shows, and online videos for kids to learn about the dentist, but you can also play pretend at home to practice. Take turns playing the part of the dentist and using positive language. You can turn scary procedures into fun activities like “counting teeth,” taking a “smile picture,” or cleaning out “sugar bugs” – all things that your dentist will be doing with your kid!

A BRight & HAppy Smile For PArents Too 

Our littlest family members keep a close eye on parents to understand how they should be feeling in new situations. It’s a big responsibility for mom and dad! For your tots visiting the pediatric dentist for the first time, this is certainly the case. One of the best things that you can do for every dentist visit with your child is easy: remember to put a smile on your face! If you show them that there’s nothing to be afraid of, then it will be simple to take even your youngest babies to visit us in La Jolla. Showing that you are worried will only make your little one uncomfortable and uneasy. Stay positive for every dentist day!

Big REwards for A Big Day 

Building a bright and happy smile starts with regular visits to your child’s pediatric dentist. As a parent, you can help emphasize the importance and excitement of your child’s big day at the dentist by making sure that it’s something to look forward to! Talk to your little one about how cool it is to go to the dentist because it means that they are becoming a big kid.

Each step can be fun and rewarding, making future appointments easier for both of you. Bring familiar favorites along to help comfort your little one – a beloved toy can be introduced to staff, hygienists, and the dentist. A book might serve as a good distraction in the car or waiting room. And then, when it’s all done, give your child a report card to show them how great they were during their appointment. A treat or small trinket is a nice reward after a big dentist day. Every little thing helps make sure that your child is happy on their journey to their best and brightest smile!

Choose Someone YOu Trust 

Our biggest secret to a happy patient is being someone that both parents and their little ones can trust. A good pediatric dentist should always put your little one’s comfort first. Turning your dentist visits into a normal, every-day event can only happen with someone that your child is comfortable with. Choose a dentist that puts a smile on your child’s face – with kinds words as well as comprehensive care!

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